[ZODB-Dev] Possible ZEO bug: DSToolkit permanently disconnectsafter ZEO restart

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Mon Mar 14 13:25:32 EST 2005

[Paul Winkler]
> Now, I don't know squat about getExtensionMethods except what I've
> learned browsing the ZEO source in the past few minutes.

Alas, that's more than I know about getExtensionMethods -- don't recall even
seeing the word before.

> So, everything in DirectoryStorage and DSToolkit looks kosher to me; is
> this a ZEO bug?

Sorry, will take more time to guess at that than I can make immediately.

> If so, I'll file a collector issue (but where? in the Zope collector?)

Yes, you've nough to raise a suspicion of a bug.  Pasting the guts of your
message into the Zope collector would be appreciated.  Set the Topic to

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