[ZODB-Dev] mvcc related error?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Mar 13 17:39:57 EDT 2007

Chris Withers wrote at 2007-3-13 11:34 +0000:
>One of the users on one of my projects saw this error under high load:
>Module Products.QueueCatalog.QueueCatalog, line 458, in reindexObject
>Module Products.QueueCatalog.QueueCatalog, line 341, in catalog_object
>Module Products.QueueCatalog.QueueCatalog, line 284, in _update
>Module ZODB.Connection, line 732, in setstate
>Module ZODB.Connection, line 765, in _setstate
>Module ZODB.Connection, line 791, in _load_before_or_conflict
>Module ZODB.Connection, line 814, in _setstate_noncurrent

Yes, it looks like an error:

  Apparently, "assert end is not None" failed.
  Apparently "storage.loadBefore" returned a wrong value.

  I have no idea how this could happen.


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