[ZODB-Dev] Rolling back filesystem storage (and blobs)

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Sun Mar 25 19:26:45 EDT 2007


I was browsing through the archives looking for some more
information about the rumors that there is some low-level Blob
support coming for the ZODB.  Is there maybe a wiki or
something for information about progress on that?

Anyway, I noticed that there were some questions regarding
rolling back changes made to the ZODB;  I had the same
issue 3-4 weeks ago and the solution to that is here


it allows one to roll back changes made to a given date; it
isn't well tested but it worked for us.  It is neatly integrated
into the Zope system as a monkey patch and if someone
wants to include it into the main Zope distro we can give
it away under the ZPL or something like that.



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