[ZODB-Dev] Data.fs size grows non-stop

Alan Runyan runyaga at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 11:00:09 EST 2009

> I'd just like to add that there's some changes that can be related to this:
> - we had some classes inheriting from Persistent that now inherit from
> something else as well (but no extra arguments are being added, AFAIK);
> - we added some zope.interface definitions to some Persistent classes;
> maybe this causes some kind of behavior that we were not aware of?

I doubt it.  Thousnads of people are doing this and do not report the same

What is more likely is that a programmer is changing a persistent object
very often.  One of the downsides of the ZODB is that it is so transparent
it is possible to unwillingly make database changes.

A design pattern for RDBMS is to have 2 pools. READ pool and WRITE pool.
Often the READ pool comes from some replica and WRITE is to the master.
I'm unsure this pattern would work for ZODB.  I know Malthe was thinking
about this but unsure if he had anything concrete.


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