[ZODB-Dev] Data.fs size grows non-stop

Roger dev at projekt01.ch
Mon Dec 7 16:58:20 EST 2009

Hi Jose

> Betreff: Re: [ZODB-Dev] Data.fs size grows non-stop
> Hi,
> Actually, we have two different versions (current and beta) 
> of the software, working against  the same ZODB. We are just 
> developing new features on top of the beta version.
> Fearing that it was due to some changes done by a programmer 
> we have disabled the "beta version" but the growing of the DB 
> is still there...and since our last email we've got 5GB more 
> (71GB now) .... We are a bit worried since the disk space is 
> 102GB and  the application is widely used here at CERN and 
> for outsiders too.

Can you give us some traffic numbers? How many page hints
does the app server have?

Are you using a single zope server or ZEO setup?

Are you sure you don't have write access on each access.
E.g. each session will force a write access because of
some changes in the code?

Or soemthing different, is there something going on 
in the organisation which uses the applications. e.g.
the download large documents and update and upload them again?
Which means the applicaton usage has really changed.

Did you compare the Webserver Logs?

> So, up-to-now we are afraid that it is not a problem with any 
> modifications in the code....and no clue about it.
> We are trying to pack to see the difference with the data.fs file.
> Jim, I am still running your script "class_stats.py".....and 
> it seems it is going to take a while yet....
> Thank you so much for your help. More ideas appreciated!

what I whould todo as next,

try z3c.zodbbrowser or the other ZODB introspector 
tool from mgedmin, don't remember the name of the tool.

the z3c.zoodbbrowser can open a ZODB with a pythin GUI.
There you can iterate over each objects in the ZODB.
You will probably see more then you see in the UI,
especialy if some objects get created which you 
don't expect.

Roger Ineichen

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