[ZODB-Dev] Data.fs size grows non-stop

Pedro Ferreira jose.pedro.ferreira at cern.ch
Thu Dec 10 09:36:15 EST 2009

> If you need performance, take a look at the z3c.indexer package
> which offers a much faster indexing concept. I implemented
> this package because my app coudn't handle the implicit default
> indexing handling. The README.txt explains what is different and how 
> to use it. It defently needs some work to implement a z3c.indexer
> based indexing concept but if you do it right, it can handle a
> lot more indexing tasks then the generic zope or zc.catalog
> concept.
Thanks a lot. But is it easy to use this from within a non-Zope 
application? In the examples I could see references to several zope.site 
classes, such as LocalSiteManager... since this is a standalone app, I 
wonder if it won't force us to import some other zope packages...

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