[ZODB-Dev] undo (and storage interface) brokenness

Jeff Shell jeff at bottlerocket.net
Wed Dec 23 16:20:12 EST 2009

On Dec 23, 2009, at 1:26 PM, Jim Fulton wrote:

> I'm looking at undo today because it is complicating ZEO transaction management.
> Undo is broken in a number of ways. Does anyone care?  Does anyone use undo?

Are you asking at the ZODB level, or at a higher level, such as Zope?

We use it in our Zope 3 based CMS. We usually only expose a single-level undo and have not exposed any interface to undo more. I have noticed that trying to access the Rotterdam skin (I guess) "undo more / undo all" views blow up when using ZEO. But again, we don't expose those to our customers and never really use them much ourselves.

All we use is some of the APIs from `zope.app.undo` (v3.4.0). The closest we get to interacting with ZODB level code directly is setting extended info on a transaction, basically to make a smarter kind of 'undo last' action.

Jeff Shell
jeff at bottlerocket.net

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