[ZODB-Dev] undo (and storage interface) brokenness

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 19:30:20 EST 2009

Jim Fulton wrote:
> I'm looking at undo today because it is complicating ZEO transaction management.
> Undo is broken in a number of ways. Does anyone care?  Does anyone use undo?

Plone users tend to use Undo quite a lot. If you accidentally delete 
something, say, it's pretty much your only way out save for a full 
restore from backup (which would likely be at least a few hours out of 

> Undo can be fixed, but not in a way that preserves the existing API.
> I'm tempted to remove undo support, at least from ZEO.

Please, please don't. It'll upset a lot of people by removing an 
important (if imperfect) safety mechanism. It'll also make stronger the 
"ZODB is too opaque, I can't trust it" FUD.

I think we can work to make Zope (2?) use a "new" API for undo is 
necessary. But *please* don't remove the feature.

> So, I repeat: is anyone actually using undo these days?

I'd say thousands of Plone users, yes.


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