[ZODB-Dev] Splitting a large ZODB file storage - any light-weight approach?

Alan Runyan runyaga at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 16:31:12 EST 2009

> we have some huge ZODB file storage (60-80 GB each) and we want
> to split the storage into a number of smaller storage (easier
> to handle for backup and packing). The storages themselves only
> contain a few (Zope 2) folders  - let's say folders A, B, C -
> within the root and we want to create seperate storages for A, B, C.
> Is there some easier approach than using the Zope 2 CopyManager API
> for moving data around. The ZODB storage iterator API comes to my mind...
> is this a suitable approach or is there some other light-weight approach
> (compared to using CopyManager API)?

ExportImport module?

At one point I suggested a feature for Zope 2 which would be "Export as
Mounted Storage".
Which could generate a database with your exported content in it.  So you
could simply
wire up the new storage in .conf file, delete the original and remount it
with ZMI.
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