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Fri, 07 Jul 2000 18:10:43 -0400

The Open Source Conference, help system almost complete,
Tutorial fixes, a new Development area on Zope.org,
basic authorization working in Zope Studio, a roadmap
for Zope.org, and more!                   
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And Now For Something Completely Different:


Coming Events

  The Open Source Convention

   This "enormous convention",
   hosted by O'reilly, is shaping up to be pretty
   interesting.  Aside from the State of Python,
   given by Guido von Rossum, there's also going
   to be a "talk on the CERT Advisory",
   about cross-site scripting, a web-wide security 
   issue that the Zope Community was among the first
   to begin implementing security policies for: they'll
   land with zope 2.2.
   Zope is going to be at the conference in force,
     - Paul "opening eyes to the Zope-Mozilla initiative",
     - Ryan telling the world "you can have web
       IMAP and collaboration",

     - Christopher, as always, concentrating
       on the "edification of the community",



  -- by Michel Pelletier

    The 2.2 Help system is just about complete and Amos and Michel are
    wrapping up the final details for the 2.2 final release.  The
    Online Help system has improved, more complete API docs have been
    added, and the Tutorial has been polished up and bugs fixed.


      The Zope Training material is complete and very comprehensive.
      Michel conducted a moments notice training last week and Amos
      will be conducting one more training in July.

    Online Help

      The massive task of proofing and checking help content for all
      Zope management pages is done!  Every managment screen in Zope has
      a help button that links to a context sensitive help screen
      describing how to use that screen.

      New content content for the History and Ownership managment
      screens has been added, making these cool new 2.2 features easier
      to use.


      The Zope tutorial is complete and the recent bugs that prevented
      it from working with beta 2 have been fixed.

    API Docs

      The API Docs project is complete!  We have hit our milestone
      goal of having all stock addable Zope objects documented in the
      API documentation section of the online help system.  In
      addition to the stock objects, we have also documented a number
      of common Zope objects that are used frequently by DTML
      programmers.  For the 2.2 final release we have 20 API

      AuthenticatedUser, DTMLDocument, DTMLMethod, DateTime,
      ExternalMethod, File, Folder, Image, MailHost, ObjectManager,
      ObjectManagerItem, PropertyManager, PropertySheet,
      PropertySheets, Request, Response, Vocabulary, ZCatalog,
      ZSQLMethod and Record.


      The book table of contents is now online "in the docs Wiki",

      The current table of contents is a good compromise of beginner
      and advanced oriented material.  While the consideration of
      future guides is outside the scope of this project, it should be
      noted that introductory material is favored in the book more
      than developer material and that in the future we may address
      this issue with some form of Developer's Guide.  We feel however
      that teaching the beginner masses how to use Zope is much more
      important than teaching a much smaller audience how to develop
      with it.

      O'Reilly is still working on determining an open content license
      which we are trying to resolve ASAP so that we can release our
      rough drafts to the community.

      The book will be authored in Structured Text and the new
      features of Structured Text Next Generation (STXNG) will be used
      to convert the book to DocBook.


Zope Status

  -- by Brian Lloyd


  A short week this week due to the US holiday, but a surprising 
  amount still managed to get done. Many beta bugs were stamped 
  out, and some progress (though admittedly not very *visible* 
  progress) was made on preparations for the Zope developer 

Last week highlights

  17 collector issues were knocked out last week. Kudos to Dr. Peer 
  Griebel, Adam Karpierz, Toby Dickenson, BitDancer and others who 
  posted patches. In other news, Jim Fulton noticed a problem with 
  the ZODB packing algorithm that could cause problems if you pack 
  to a particular time and then try to subsequently pack to an 
  earlier time. Coincidentally, Ethan noticed it the next day when 
  it bit him on Zope.org :^} Jim has checked in a fix for 2.2.

  Last week I also incorporated some feedback on the guide to Zope 
  "security changes for product authors",


  Amos and the Portland crew revised the online help content and 
  API documentation as well as well as taking care of a javascript 
  problem in the new tutorial.

Next week

  The *original* plan was to get 2.2 final out this week, but I have 
  tweaked the plan a little. In working through the reported beta 
  issues last week there were a few that I thought people would have 
  run into already by now, which makes me think that we should try 
  for a little wider coverage with one more beta release. Look for 
  a beta 4 release Thursday or Friday.

  Related to that, one of the problems I think we're seeing is that 
  some folks can't use the beta because certain products they use are 
  not 2.2 ready yet. The product authors (understandably) are not 
  necessarily working feverishly to be 2.2 ready because 2.2 is still 
  in beta :^) To break this impasse, we'll probably give beta 4 a week 
  or so to scare up any last-minute issues and then proceed with a 
  2.2 final. I'm quite sure that we'll find more issues as people 
  migrate sites and products to 2.2. I think it would be better 
  to finalize 2.2 and resolve issues that pop up in a 2.2.1 relatively 
  soon after than to have the 2.2 beta period drag on any longer.

  Finally, as alluded to above, there has been some progress in working 
  out some needed infrastructure for the "developer home" area on 
  Zope.org. I want to get the basic area stubbed out and the description 
  of what the open development process will look like posted this week 
  so that we will have *visible* progress :^)


Zope Studio

  -- by Martijn Pieters

  Last week

  - Basic Authentication in Mozilla is fixed again, and the latest
    allow you to log into a Zope server once more.

  - A new step has been added to the ZopeStudioInstallation
instructions, to
    make sure that Mozilla correctly registers the Zope Studio skin. The
    snapshot (which doesn't need updating) will still have bugs, due to
    changes in the Mozilla core.  Thanks to zig for the issue report.

  - A visit to LinuxTag and the 4th of July cut my week short, but some
    updates were made to the ZWiki pages.

  This week

  - More work on the ZWiki pages, more documentation.
  - Set up a plan for requirements gathering.

  - Maybe some fixes to the current Zope Studio code, but only if people
    supply me with patches. =)

  Zope Studio Tracker stats

  - 1 new issue, fixed the same day. Thanks zig.


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

  Bug Fixes
   o A member that did not exist had to be deleted
     because the fact that he had no roles messed things

   o You can now send feedback to Paul Everett
     because the acl_users folder in his Member
     folder has been deleted :)

   o Ethan is now located in Fredericksburg, VA
     instead of Fort Collins, CO.


    There's been some extensive cogitation on the 
    roadmap for the zope web:

  1. Platform issues:  These will come first,
     because everything else depends upon them.
     This includes:

    o Updating to Zope 2.2 final upon its release.
      This has the stellar merit of making wikis

    o Transitioning to ZEO. This is also luminous
      in that it means we can do lots of diagnostics,
      updating, and other tasks without taking down
      zope.org.  It will also make scalability easy,
      though our current PIII-500 is handling the load

    o Fixing Catalog issues.  Right now searches
      for things like dtml-in fail.  This needs
      to change.

    o Topics.  The addition of topics that allow
      filtering either by meta-data or body content
      will allow the presentation of how-to's,
      Products, and other types of content
      to be presented in an easy to follow manner.

  2. The User Focus.  Zope.org will add three
     new subdomains:
    o dev.zope.org will be for zope core hackers
      and python product makers

    o do.zope.org will be for site builders,
      including content managers and DTML

    o biz.zope.org will be for the commerce
      side of zope

  3. Moving to the PTK.  This stage will follow
     close on the heel of the User Focusing,
     where we integrate the PTK (back) into zope.org
     in order to gain benefits like discussability,
     wizards, skins & enhanced workflow.

  4. Feature Fest.  At this point, Zope.org should
     be on solid ground, and we can start bringing
     in more features, like email/list integration,
     product dependancy checking, and more.

   o June was a good month for Zope.org, with a record
     2.9 million hits, but slightly fewer visits
     than last month ( 175k instead of 178k )
     indicating a ever-more devoted but not 
     necessarily expanding pool.

   o The Zope lists had lots of churn, with only 4
     net new subscribers.

   o It takes 208.725 gallons or 790.1076 litres
     of 86-87 octane gasoline to travel the
     1733.9 miles from Fort Collins, CO
     to Fredericksburg, VA in a moving truck.
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