[Zope-Annce] July 20th Zope Weekly News

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 22:53:40 -0400

Many exciting new developments within the Zope community,
including the release of Zope 2.2 final,
a Zope book and Guides fusion, functional Zope Studio,
and Zope.org architectural changes.      
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And Now For Something Completely Different:



  -- by Michel Pelletier

  Work has progressed steadily on reforming the O'Reilly Zope book
  into official documentation.  The new outline for the book is online
  at the "Docs Wiki":http://www.zope.org/Wikis/Docs/ZopeBook.  Chris
  McDonough has also posted a first draft outline for the Zope Product
  Developer's Guide

  Amos was out last week for Zope Training and will be out this week
  for the O'Reilly Open Source convention where he gets to talk to the
  O'Reilly folks about the book and license issues which are still


Zope Status

  -- by Brian Lloyd


  A short report this week due to OSCON, but a very big week!

Last week highlights

  Zope 2.2.0 final was released! Many thanks to those who helped to 
  work out issues in the betas (too many to name them all here!). I 
  fully expect that we'll scare up more issues as people upgrade to 
  2.2 - there will probably be a 2.2.1 in a few weeks to address what 
  shakes out of the upgrade process.

  Another big item last week was the "announcement of the new 
  dev.zope.org site",


  the first major step in opening up the development 
  process for the Zope core and other major initiatives:

  Many thanks to folks like Chris Withers, Erik Enge

  (Technically not last week, but due to holiday schedule bumps) ZEO 
  0.2.1 was released with fixes for ZEO clients on certain platforms 
  and several other "bug fixes",


  Finally Nick Petrelli posted an, ah, inglorious review of Zope for 
  LinuxWorld. I'm sure this will be a "hot topic in the weeks to come",


Next week

  Next week will pretty much be consumed by OSCON in Monterey. When we 
  get back we'll be catching up on how 2.2 upgrades are going and make 
  some progress on some of the projects on dev.zope.org.


Zope Studio

  -- by Martijn Pieters

Last Week

- Paul Everitt will be "presenting Zope
  Studio":http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/e_sess/853 at the "O'Reilly Open
  Source Convention":http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon2000/ this
week.  In
  order to have something to show for, all outstanding Zope Studio
issues with
  the current Mozilla codebase have been resolved and checked into CVS. 
  means the the current CVS code actually does something. =)

- Rumour has it that Paul has a heavily enhanced version of Zope Studio
  demonstrate, that actually let's you edit and save DTML and view your
  through it's interface.

- New snapshots have been created of the current CVS code. You can
  them from the "Zope Studio Product page":/Products/ZopeStudio.  This
  round, you get code that actualy works.

This Week

- The new snapshot will soon also be directly installable into Mozilla
with a
  XPI script, directly from the webpage.


- For the bugfixes one Tracker item was filed, and has now been


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

  New Features:

   o Zope.org runs under zope 2.2.0 final!  That's right,
     no more CVS checkout :)

   o Wikis are now searchable - and they have history,
     too! This was a little bumpy, with Steve
     Alexandar pointing out a search bug.
   o Zope.org is now behind Apache using ProxyPass.
     We continue to use Apache for its log files.

   o dev.zope.org opened its doors for projects.
  Bug Fixes
   o ZDom didn't play nice with the security software,
     breaking XMLDocument.  This has been fixed and
     will be found in zope 2.2.1.

   o Using reserved names in the Interfaces wiki made
     it inaccessable.  Renaming them fixed this.

   o Wikis, using CatalogAware, seem to be indexing
     themselves with a path that has / prepended.
     None of the other products are.  This required
     some revamping to get things to work: now they're
     functional but not correct. Thanks to Richard
     Barrett for pointing this one out.

  Open Bugs

   o Catalog is giving some serious pain. It is
     dying on What's New and sorting on Searches.
     Fixes due soon- thanks to Dennis Nichols and
     Marc Gehling for reporting this one.

   o The ZopeSite product that covers many of the document
     types is unable to partake in the rename/cut/paste machinery.

  Next Week

   o Transition to ZEO, hopefully ending the "architecture"
     phase of the org roadmap and moving on to the next.


   o 53 net new subscribers to the Zope list, with
     12 Zope and 13 zope-announce subscribers leading
     the pack.  Welcome to the world of Zope!