[Zope-Annce] [Patch] supports ":method" suffix for <input type=image> form elements supports ":last", retain only last given value supports ":last", retain only last given value

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 20:50:04 +0200

Do you like
  *  buttons containing images (and do not yet want to use the
     HTML 4.0 "button" tag)
  *  Zope's ":method" magic for buttons?

The you may find the following patch interesting:


With the current Zope, you can not use ":method" with
"<input type=image>" tags, i.e. the HTML 3.2 image buttons.

  The browser creates for such an image button two form
  variables "<name>.x" and "<name>.y". These suffixes (".x" and ".y")
  prevent Zope to recognize any type suffix, especially ":method".

  The patch above extends Zope's ":method" suffix handling for
  the case of image buttons.
  It defines for them the form variable "imgclickpos", a record with
  the 2 integer fields "x" and "y", and calls the method
  as it does for normal submit buttons.

The patch defines a new ":last" suffix, too.

  "<name>:last" tells Zope to discard any value previously
  seen for "<name>".

  This should avoid the nasty case to get a single
  value, if a form contains a field once, but a list if it
  contains the list several times.
  "<name>:last" ensures, you always get a single value (and
  not a list), namely the last one.

  ":last" is effective only for types that are not
  For ":list" and ":tuple", ":last" is not senseful.
  For ":record" and ":records", the code was rather complicated,
  such that I not dared to change it.