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=== Zope/doc/WEBSERVER.txt 1.16 => ===
   'Zope authentication with existing web servers'.
+  There is an Apache module for Zope/PCGI:
+    http://www.zope.org/Members/phd/mod_pcgi2/
+  One can easily compile and configure it. It passes the HTTP
+  authentication header and other environment variables. It supports
+  virtual hosting.
   FastCGI is relatively easy to set up if you have installed an Apache
@@ -392,9 +401,9 @@
       * As mentioned above, Apache does not pass authorization
       information to CGI scripts by default. See above for information
       on how to deal with this situation.
-      * An Apache module to support PCGI (mod_pcgi) is under
-        development.
+      * There is Apache module to support PCGI (mod_pcgi2). See the 
+      section "PCGI" above for details.
     Netscape Servers