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Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:00:16 -0500

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=== Zope/doc/CHANGES.txt 1.402.2.5 => 1.402.2.6 ===
     Bugs Fixed
+      - We had intended to add recognition for '.pt' extensions to
+        allow clients (DAV, FTP) to create Page Template objects
+        rather than DTML documents on a PUT. This slipped through the
+        cracks, but now has been done. Note that this is really only a
+        short term solution until the user-configurable type-to-object
+        mapping facility is worked out and added to the core (post-2.5).
       - Unscrewed additions to the user folder API. There are three
         new methods in the UserFolder API: userFolderAddUser, 
         userFolderEditUser and userFolderDelUsers. These are