[Zope-Checkins] CVS: Zope/lib/python/OFS - Application.py:1.177

Amos Latteier amos@zope.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 16:06:35 -0500

Update of /cvs-repository/Zope/lib/python/OFS
In directory cvs.zope.org:/tmp/cvs-serv1582/lib/python/OFS

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Log Message:
Fixed the examples to work with ZPT path updates. Also changed the location of the examples from the var directory to the import directory. Also updated the import directory's readme.

=== Zope/lib/python/OFS/Application.py 1.176 => 1.177 ===
     if not hasattr(app, 'Examples') and not \
        hasattr(app, '_Zope25_examples_have_been_added'):
-        examples_path = os.path.join(Globals.data_dir, 'Examples.zexp')
+        examples_path = os.path.join(Globals.INSTANCE_HOME, 'import', 'Examples.zexp')
         if os.path.isfile(examples_path):
             app._importObjectFromFile(examples_path, verify=0)