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Jeremy Hylton jeremy@zope.com
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 15:16:19 -0500

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Modified Files:
      Tag: StandaloneZODB-1_0-branch
	FileStorage.py POSException.py 
Log Message:
Better fix for ZEO unittest bug.

FileStorage was raising a ConflictError and passing an oid to the
object kwarg.  This can't work because object must be an actual object
with an _p_oid attribute.

Change Barry's fix and deal with the problem in both places: Add an
optional kwarg oid to ConflictError.  Caller can use either oid or
object, but not both.  In FileStorage, raise the ConflictError with
oid instead of object.

=== StandaloneZODB/ZODB/FileStorage.py => ===
                     data=self.tryToResolveConflict(oid, oserial, serial, data)
                     if not data:
-                        raise POSException.ConflictError(object=oid,
+                        raise POSException.ConflictError(oid=oid,
                                                 serials=(oserial, serial))

=== StandaloneZODB/ZODB/POSException.py => ===
         be triggered by a serial number mismatch.)
-    oid and class_name may be None if the conflicting object wasn't a
-    persistent object.
+    The caller should pass either object or oid as a keyword argument,
+    but not both of them.  If object is passed, it should be a
+    persistent object with an _p_oid attribute.
-    def __init__(self, message=None, object=None, serials=None):
+    def __init__(self, message=None, object=None, oid=None, serials=None):
         if message is None:
             self.message = "database conflict error"
             self.message = message
-        if object is None or isinstance(object, StringType):
+        if object is None:
             self.oid = None
             self.class_name = None
             self.oid = object._p_oid
             klass = object.__class__
             self.class_name = klass.__module__ + "." + klass.__name__
+        if oid is not None:
+            assert self.oid is None
+            self.oid = oid
         self.serials = serials