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Updated slightly in response to tracker issue 24 for DCOracle2.

=== Products/DCOracle2/INSTALL 1.1 => 1.2 ===
  version and select the most appropriate pre-built binary for you.
+ Cygwin users using Zope should use
+  	$PATH2ZOPE/bin/python.exe install.py 
+ to use the correct python distributed with Zope.
  For installation from source, on Unix systems, type

=== Products/DCOracle2/README 1.7 => 1.8 ===
 as the Z Oracle Database Adapter.   
-For use as ZOracleDA, rename the directory from DCO2 to ZOracleDA!
+Cygwin users using DCOracle2 with Zope should run
+	$PATH2ZOPE/bin/python.exe install.py
+to install a prebuilt binary for the Python that is distributed with Zope.
+For use as ZOracleDA, rename the directory from DCOracle2 to ZOracleDA!