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Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:30:33 -0400

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Updated help for user folder local role knob that tunes the size of the
user list displayed in local roles assignment.

=== Zope/lib/python/Products/OFSP/help/Security_Local-Roles.stx 1.3 => ===
       '[Checkbox]' -- Select users. Click a user's name to edit their
-      local roles.
+      local roles. 
       'Remove' -- Deletes local roles for the selected users.
     Creating local roles
       'User' -- The user for which you would like to define local
-      roles.
+      roles.  Either select the name in the list if it is provided,
+      or type the user name.
       'Roles' -- The local roles you would like to assign to the user.

=== Zope/lib/python/Products/OFSP/help/User-Folder_Properties.stx 1.1 => ===
     After encrypting the passwords, you should pack the database then
     delete the temporary storage files created during packing.
+    To restrict the size of the list of users displayed when local roles
+    are assigned, the 'Role assignment presents search dialog when more
+    users than N' field may be filled with the maximum number of users
+    to display from this folder.  If the number is zero, all users will be
+    displayed.  If the number is -1, no users will be displayed; the
+    input field will appear on the Local Role assignment page.