[Zope-Checkins] Re: [Zope3-checkins] CVS: ZODB3/ZConfig-substitution.py: loader.py: cfgparser.py:

Chris McDonough chrism at zope.com
Thu Sep 18 11:05:26 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 10:56, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Chris McDonough]
> > It appears that the affected packages are ZConfig, zLOG, zdaemon, and
> > (in a teeny way) the logging package.  If I can revert these to their
> > states before the merge commit, that would be easiest.
> Dang -- I forgot that Jeremy is driving to Baltimore (his wife has her
> thesis defense today).  Unless the hurricane stops him, he intends to be
> back tomorrow (Friday).
> So can this wait until tomorrow?  I've got no idea what Jeremy might have
> done on purpose in those directories, but I *suspect* "very little" at
> worst.

Yup, that'd be no problem.  

> I know I made a change to testzLog.py in zLOG/tests/ there a couple days
> ago, to stop leaking temp files on Windows, and that may be the only "real"
> zLOG change.  I don't believe I've made any changes to ZConfig, zdaemon, or
> the logging package.
> Poking around on cvs.zope.org, it doesn't look like any changes were made to
> ZConfig on ZODB3-3_2-branch in the last 3 months, but the most recent also
> has a Zope-2_7-branch tag.  So I expect all differences in ZConfig were due
> to fixes getting made on Zope-2_7-branch that didn't get propagated to
> ZODB3-3_2-branch.  I'd feel better (and it would go faster) if Jeremy could
> review the changes he checked in, though.

Sounds good.

Chris McDonough <chrism at zope.com>
Zope Corporation

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