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Thu Sep 25 11:10:36 EDT 2003

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update description of schema components to reflect two relatively
recent changes:
- the addition of the "file" attribute of the import element
- the removal of the restriction about what sectiontypes components
  can extend

=== Zope3/src/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex 1.72 => 1.73 ===
--- Zope3/src/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex:1.72	Thu Jul 10 14:39:37 2003
+++ Zope3/src/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex	Thu Sep 25 11:10:36 2003
@@ -632,17 +632,17 @@
 additional keys or sections in the application schema.
 A schema \dfn{component} is allowed to define new abstract and
-section types.  It is not allowed to extend application types or
-include additional types in application-provided abstract types.
+section types.
 Components are identified using a dotted-name, similar to a Python
 module name.  For example, one component may be \code{zodb.storage}.
 Schema components are stored alongside application code since they
 directly reference datatype code.  Schema components are provided by
-Python packages; packages which contain a file named
-\file{component.xml} can be ``imported''.  The \file{component.xml}
-file defines the types provided by that component; it must have a
-\element{component} element as the document element.
+Python packages.  The component definition is normally stored in the
+file \file{component.xml}; an alternate filename may be specified
+using the \attribute{file} attribute of the \element{import} element.
+The component defines the types provided by that component; it must
+have a \element{component} element as the document element.
 The following element is used as the document element for schema
 components.  Note that schema components do not allow keys and

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