[Zope-Checkins] Re: SVN: Zope/trunk/lib/python/ Ignore derived files (*.pyc, version.txt) after inplace builds.

Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Sat Aug 21 19:44:15 EDT 2004

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Log message for revision 26954: Ignore derived files (*.pyc,
>> version.txt) after inplace builds.
>> [... loads of folder props changed]
> Tres,
> uh, what a lot of work

Not really;  I think that was the result of five minutes' work, hacking 
the output of 'svn stat' with grep, cut, and xargs.

> and sadly so unnecessary (though it doesn't 
> hurt). What is actually recommended to ignore loads of files like *.pyc 
> files is to add the following lines to your ~/.subversion/config file 
> (something similar shoudl already be in there as an example):

I don't have any objection to that on the client side, but it *is* just 
client side.  Far better to set up the server side to prevent 
inadvertent checkins of derived objects.

> [miscellany]
> global-ignores = *.o *.lo *.la *.so *.pyc *.pyo
> This option is generally useful when it is extremely unlikely that files 
> of a certain kind are checked into a repository. The svn:ignore property 
> is more useful when you want to ignore a specific file, e.g. access.log 
> or Makefile.


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