[Zope-Checkins] CVS: Packages/webdav - NullResource.py:

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Thu Dec 16 23:39:30 EST 2004

Update of /cvs-repository/Packages/webdav
In directory cvs.zope.org:/tmp/cvs-serv16313

Modified Files:
      Tag: Zope-2_7-branch
Log Message:
Don't raise Forbidden when we don't know what else to do.  Instead, let the real error propagate but catch CopyError, which really means Unauthorized in this case.

=== Packages/webdav/NullResource.py => ===
--- Packages/webdav/NullResource.py:	Wed Dec  1 18:01:48 2004
+++ Packages/webdav/NullResource.py	Thu Dec 16 23:39:30 2004
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
 from zExceptions import MethodNotAllowed
 from common import isDavCollection
 from common import Locked, Conflict, PreconditionFailed, UnsupportedMediaType
+from OFS.CopySupport import CopyError
 class NullResource(Persistent, Acquisition.Implicit, Resource):
     """Null resources are used to handle HTTP method calls on
@@ -143,10 +144,8 @@
         # check the clipboard.
             parent._verifyObjectPaste(ob.__of__(parent), 0)
-        except Unauthorized:
-            raise
-        except:
-            raise Forbidden, sys.exc_info()[1]
+        except CopyError:
+            raise Unauthorized, sys.exc_info()[1]
         # Delegate actual PUT handling to the new object,
         # SDS: But just *after* it has been stored.

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