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Fred L. Drake, Jr. fred at zope.com
Thu Feb 5 12:03:36 EST 2004

Update of /cvs-repository/StandaloneZConfig/ZConfig/doc
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improve exception messages for resources that cannot be opened

=== StandaloneZConfig/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex 1.87 => 1.88 ===
--- StandaloneZConfig/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex:1.87	Thu Jan  8 10:03:00 2004
+++ StandaloneZConfig/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex	Thu Feb  5 12:03:04 2004
@@ -1423,6 +1423,11 @@
 The following methods can be used as utilities:
+  Return true if \var{s} should be considered a filesystem path rather
+  than a URL.
   Return a URL for \var{url-or-path}.  If \var{url-or-path} refers to
   an existing file, the corresponding \code{file:} URL is returned.
@@ -1436,7 +1441,8 @@
   Returns a resource object that represents the URL \var{url}.  The
   URL is opened using the \function{urllib2.urlopen()} function, and
   the returned resource object is created using
-  \method{createResource()}.
+  \method{createResource()}.  If the URL cannot be opened,
+  \exception{ConfigurationError} is raised.
 \begin{methoddesc}[loader]{createResource}{file, url}

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