[Zope-Checkins] CVS: ZODB/src/ZODB - Connection.py:1.122

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at zope.com
Tue Feb 24 17:07:47 EST 2004

Update of /cvs-repository/ZODB/src/ZODB
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add words about copies of objects and about DB.open()
revise words about registering with transactions.

=== ZODB/src/ZODB/Connection.py 1.121 => 1.122 ===
--- ZODB/src/ZODB/Connection.py:1.121	Tue Feb 24 16:38:38 2004
+++ ZODB/src/ZODB/Connection.py	Tue Feb 24 17:07:46 2004
@@ -55,10 +55,10 @@
     The Connection object serves as a data manager.  The root() method
     on a Connection returns the root object for the database.  This
     object and all objects reachable from it are associated with the
-    Connection that loaded them.  When the objects are modified, the
-    Connection is registered with the current transaction.
+    Connection that loaded them.  When a transaction commits, it uses
+    the Connection to store modified objects.
-    The typical use of ZODB is for each thread should have its own
+    The typical use of ZODB is for each thread to have its own
     Connection and that no thread should have more than one Connection
     to the same database.  A thread is associated with a Connection by
     loading objects from that Connection.  Objects loaded by one
@@ -68,6 +68,14 @@
     created.  By default, a Connection is not associated with a
     version; it uses non-version data.
+    Each Connection provides an isolated, consistent view of the
+    database, by managing independent copies of objects in the
+    database.  At transaction boundaries, these copies are updated to
+    reflect the current state of the database.
+    You should not instantiate this class directly; instead call the
+    open() method of a DB instance.
     A Connection instance is not thread-safe.  It is designed to

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