[Zope-Checkins] CVS: Zope/lib/python/OFS - ObjectManager.py:

Zachery Bir zbir at urbanape.com
Wed Mar 17 07:51:33 EST 2004

On Mar 17, 2004, at 7:46 AM, Zachery Bir wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2004, at 5:32 AM, Stefan H. Holek wrote:
>> Zachery,
>> Just at first glance, once you use getId() you can no longer compare 
>> to the string 'Anonymous User' because this is, well, the user's 
>> *name*. The anon user has an Id of 'None', IIRC.
> Yes, and in the process of fixing my faux pas, I've got the code 
> modified to this:
>             if hasattr(object, '__ac_local_roles__'):
>                 if object.__ac_local_roles__ is None:
>                     user=getSecurityManager().getUser()
>                     if user is not None:
>                         id=user.getId()
>                         name=user.getUserName()
>                         if name != 'Anonymous User':
>                             object.manage_setLocalRoles(id, ['Owner'])
> Which should still provide for excepting the Anonymous User, but 
> keying the ownership to the Id.

But which won't necessarily work for the Emergency User. Alright, I'll 
back out the changes and work on some tests first.


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