[Zope-Checkins] CVS: Products/StandardCacheManagers/dtml - propsRCM.dtml:

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Sun Nov 14 17:08:34 EST 2004

Update of /cvs-repository/Products/StandardCacheManagers/dtml
In directory cvs.zope.org:/tmp/cvs-serv29041

Modified Files:
      Tag: Zope-2_7-branch
Log Message:
Added short text making clear that the RCM is not designed to cache full
web pages or HTTP headers.

=== Products/StandardCacheManagers/dtml/propsRCM.dtml 1.2 => ===
--- Products/StandardCacheManagers/dtml/propsRCM.dtml:1.2	Tue Apr 24 09:08:46 2001
+++ Products/StandardCacheManagers/dtml/propsRCM.dtml	Sun Nov 14 17:08:34 2004
@@ -1,6 +1,13 @@
 <dtml-var manage_page_header>
 <dtml-var manage_tabs>
+<p class="form-help">
+  The <em>RAM Cache Manager</em> allows you to cache the result of
+  calling expensive objects, such as Python Scripts and External
+  Methods, in memory. Because it does <em>not</em> cache HTTP headers,
+  caching full web pages is generally not advised.
 <form action="manage_editProps" method="POST">
 <dtml-with getSettings mapping>
 <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0">

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