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Major service enhancements.  Service cleanly shuts down child, and if child
fails the tail of the process output (which generally contains a traceback)
written to the event log.

Minor tweaks to the Windows build 'clean' process and documentation tweaks.

=== Added File Zope/doc/WINDOWS.txt ===
How to build and install Zope from source code on Windows.
These instructions appear to work for 2.7 and the trunk:

* Ensure you have the correct MSVC version installed for the
  version of Python you will be using.
* Install (or build from sources) Python
* Install (or build from sources) the Python for Windows extensions

* Unpack the Zope source distribution or pull from CVS.  Change
  to that directory.

* Execute:
  % python.exe inst\configure.py
  It should say something like:
  > - Zope top-level binary directory will be c:\Zope-2.7.
  > - Makefile written.
  > Next, run the Visual C++ batch file "VCVARS32.bat" and then "nmake".

  (run 'configure.py --help' to see how to change things)

* 'makefile' will have ben created.  As instructed, execute 'nmake'.  
  If the build succeeds, the last message printed should be:
  > Zope built.  Next, do 'nmake install'.

* As instructed, execute 'nmake install'.  A few warnings will be generated, 
  but they can be ignored.  The last message in the build process should be:
  > Zope binaries installed successfully.

* If you are running from CVS, the build may fail:
  See http://collector.zope.org/Zope/1530
  > running install_data
  > error: can't copy 'version.txt': no matching files
  > NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"e:\src\python-2.3-cvs\pcbuild\python.exe"' : return code '0x1'
  > Stop.

  If you see this error, edit setup.py and comment the line referencing 

* Zope itself has now been installed.  We need to create an instance.  Run:
  % python.exe {install_path}\bin\mkzopeinstance.py
  We will be prompted, via the console, for the instance directory and 
  username/password for the admin user.

* We are now ready to start zope.  Run:
  % {zope_instance}\run_zope.bat.
  Zope should start with nice log messages being printed to
  stdout.  When Zope is ready, you should see:
  > ------
  > 2004-10-13T12:27:58 INFO(0) Zope Ready to handle requests
  Press Ctrl+C to stop this instance of the server.

* Optionally, install as a Windows service.  Execute:
  % python {zope_instance}\zope_service.py
  to see the valid options.  You may want something like:
  % python {zope_instance}\zope_service.py --startup=auto install

  Once installed, it can be started any number of ways:
  - python {zope_instance}\zope_service.py start
  - Control Panel
  - net start service_short_name (eg, "net start Zope_-1227678699"

=== Zope/doc/INSTALL.txt => ===
--- Zope/doc/INSTALL.txt:	Thu Mar 10 10:48:52 2005
+++ Zope/doc/INSTALL.txt	Tue Apr 12 23:41:33 2005
@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
   Welcome to Zope!  This document describes building and installing
   Zope on UNIX and Linux.
+  See WINDOWS.txt for information about Windows.  See the PLATFORMS
+  directory for notes about various other platforms.
 System requirements when building from source

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