[Zope-Checkins] SVN: Zope/trunk/lib/python/ZConfig/components/logger/loghandler.py * Implement a file handler with 'rotate'. This closes the file, attempts

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 22:11:22 EDT 2005

[Sidnei da Silva]
> Log message for revision 29977:
>  * Implement a file handler with 'rotate'.  This closes the file, attempts
>    a rename to {filename}.last, then reopens the original name.  This
>    then makes the log available for another process to perform the rotation
>    logic on. This log handler is only installed on the Windows
>    platform, where you can't rename an open file.
> Changed:
>  U   Zope/trunk/lib/python/ZConfig/components/logger/loghandler.py

This checkin probably crossed the mail with my msg to you:  Zope trunk
doesn't own ZConfig, and changing ZConfig code from a Zope checkout
has no effect on the real ZConfig code.  So these changes will
probably get lost(*).  You should merge them (if possible) to ZConfig

(*) I've spent a lot of time carefully checking checkin msgs for changes to
    ZODB checked in from wrong projects, but missed some even so.  I haven't
    spend any time looking for checkins to ZConfig or zdaemon made from wrong
    projects, and I don't think anyone does.  I noticed this one by pure luck.

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