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Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Sun Mar 20 20:59:56 EST 2005

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Tim Peters wrote:
| [Sidnei da Silva]
| ....
|>Humm... we are trying to push a Zope 2.8 beta out, do you have or know
|>of plans to use ZODB 3.4 with Zope 2.8?
| Yes.  Jim needs to fix ZClasses for 2.8 too.  ZODB 3.4 requires some
| Zope(3) features, like zope.interfaces and zope.testing.  Jim is
| adding those on his ZClasses branch.  When the ZClasses work is merged
| (but not before), it becomes possible to move to ZODB 3.4.  Zope3
| already uses ZODB trunk (3.4 development).  We can't afford to
| maintain a separate ZODB just for Zope 2.8, so view moving to ZODB 3.4
| as a requirement for Zope 2.8.

Note that the "we can't afford" comment is the primary justification for
moving to a 'svn:external' style of inclusion.

On that basis, I am going to argue against the "copy / fork" model we
are currently using for ZODB:  we *can't* tolerate the maintenance
burden imposed by the separate copy.

Rather, (so I am arguing) the Zope SVN should point at the "latest
stable release" (tag, not branch!) of ZODB at the time Zope is released,
and only have the external link changed *at the time the Zope release is
being prepared*.  If that means that we link in ZODB 3.4 (given that it
is ready to go when Zope 2.8 is), then that will be simple.  If not,
then we will have to pick up the version which *is* available.

I will argue likewise for *any* separately-released package (ZConfig,
Zope3, zdaemon, etc., should all be links to released versions).


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