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Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Jan 11 14:13:45 EST 2006

Log message for revision 41276:
  Start documenting the intended approach for dealing with the
  switch to Python 2.4.2.
  The code for this doesn't exist here yet, but it's the same
  approach the ZRS 1.5 Windows installer took, so there's
  some hope it will work here eventually too ;-).

  U   Zope/branches/tim-2.9-windows-installer/inst/WinBuilders/README.txt

Modified: Zope/branches/tim-2.9-windows-installer/inst/WinBuilders/README.txt
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+++ Zope/branches/tim-2.9-windows-installer/inst/WinBuilders/README.txt	2006-01-11 19:13:44 UTC (rev 41276)
@@ -7,10 +7,23 @@
 Setup Environment
+Install Python 2.4.2 (or whatever is most current) by running its native
+Windows installer from python.org.
+    Note:  Python 2.4 switched from using a Wise installer to using a
+    Microsoft .msi installer, and the latter is harder to work with.  The
+    buildout used to extract Python source and binaries (.exe, .pyd, .dll)
+    from the Wise installer (which could be treated much like a zip file).
+    Now the Python installer isn't used at all.  Instead, the Python
+    source is taken from the Python tarball release, and the binaries are
+    copied from your installed Python.
 Install Cygwin from cygwin.org (the default installation should give
 you everything you need).
-Install Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (or MSVC 7 once we get to Python 2.4)
+Install Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (aka Visual Studio .NET 2003).  This is
+needed to compile Zope's Python C extensions compatible with Python 2.4
+(and 2.5, when that's released).
 Install InnoSetup 4.2 from www.jrsofware.org (into its default location).
 Versions earlier than 4.0.11 are known to not work; any 4.2.x release
@@ -25,8 +38,7 @@
 "tmp" directory, inst/tmp.  Place the necessary pre-requisites in the tmp
 directory.  At the time of this writing, this includes:
-  - Python-2.3.5.tgz
-  - Python-2.3.5.exe (used for binary modules)
+  - Python-2.4.2.tgz
   - pywin32-205.win32-py2.3.exe (extracts binaries and sources)
   - Zope.tgz

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