[Zope-Checkins] SVN: Zope/branches/philikon-aq/lib/python/Products/Five/browser/tests/pages.txt Fix test and explain how and why.

Philipp von Weitershausen philikon at philikon.de
Sun Jul 29 14:15:36 EDT 2007

Log message for revision 78470:
  Fix test and explain how and why.

  U   Zope/branches/philikon-aq/lib/python/Products/Five/browser/tests/pages.txt

Modified: Zope/branches/philikon-aq/lib/python/Products/Five/browser/tests/pages.txt
--- Zope/branches/philikon-aq/lib/python/Products/Five/browser/tests/pages.txt	2007-07-29 17:13:40 UTC (rev 78469)
+++ Zope/branches/philikon-aq/lib/python/Products/Five/browser/tests/pages.txt	2007-07-29 18:15:36 UTC (rev 78470)
@@ -215,19 +215,27 @@
 It's protecting the object with the permission, and not the attribute,
 so we get ('',) instead of ('eagle',):
-  >>> getattr(view, '__ac_permissions__')
+  >>> view.__ac_permissions__
   (('View management screens', ('',)),)
 The view's __roles__ attribute can be evaluated correctly:
-  >>> view.__roles__
+(We have to use aq_acquire here instead of a simple getattr. The
+reason is that __roles__ actually is an object that expects being
+called through the __of__ protocol upon which it renders the roles
+tuple. aq_acquire will trigger this for us.  This isn't a problem,
+really, because AccessControl ends up using aq_acquire anyway, so it
+Just Works.)
+  >>> from Acquisition import aq_acquire
+  >>> aq_acquire(view, '__roles__')
 Check to see if view's context properly acquires its true
   >>> from Acquisition import aq_parent, aq_base, aq_inner
-  >>> context = getattr(view, 'context')
+  >>> context = view.context
 Check the wrapper type

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