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+++ Zope/trunk/doc/SETUID.rst	2009-05-07 19:07:21 UTC (rev 99804)
@@ -1,6 +1,13 @@
 Zope effective user support
+.. note:: 
+  It is best practice running Zope behind a reverse proxy like
+  Apache, Squid or Varnish. In this case you do not need to run
+  or install Zope with root privileges since the reverse proxy
+  will bind to port 80 and proxy back all request to Zope running
+  on an unpriviledged port.
 Zope can bind its network service to low ports such as 21 (FTP) and
 80 (HTTP).  In order to bind to low ports, Zope must be started as
 the root user.  However, Zope will only run as root long enough to

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