[Zope-Checkins] SVN: Zope/trunk/src/App/dtml/cpContents.dtml Adjust control panel description

Hanno Schlichting hannosch at hannosch.eu
Sun Jul 3 11:00:45 EDT 2011

Log message for revision 122083:
  Adjust control panel description

  U   Zope/trunk/src/App/dtml/cpContents.dtml

Modified: Zope/trunk/src/App/dtml/cpContents.dtml
--- Zope/trunk/src/App/dtml/cpContents.dtml	2011-07-03 14:58:02 UTC (rev 122082)
+++ Zope/trunk/src/App/dtml/cpContents.dtml	2011-07-03 15:00:45 UTC (rev 122083)
@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@
 <dtml-var manage_tabs>
 <p class="form-help">
-The Control Panel provides access to system information and management 
-functions such as database and product management.  
+The Control Panel provides access to system information.
 <form action="&dtml-URL1;" method="post">

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