[Zope-PTK] PTK Resources

Alexander Limi alexander@limi.net
Sat, 1 Apr 2000 04:38:51 +0200


I was wondering where I should start looking for docs on the PTK, or info on
how to use it. I have a simple task I want to perform, maybe you are able to
answer me directly: (and yes, I've been bitching about this on the
zope@zope.org list too, please bear over with me :)

- I want to do a (presumably) very simple thing: I want users with
propertysheets. Nothing magic, just your average user with a propertysheet
attached to him, so I can do things like storing the user's birth date as an
integer connected to the user, and perform dtml operations based on this

Is there an easy way to accomplish this using LoginManager or whatever tools
there are in the PTK? If so, could one kind soul guide me in a step-by-step
creation of such a user? I've played around with the PTK for some time now,
and I only get funny error messages :)

Does anybody want to put me out of my misery?

Thanks in advance,