[Zope-PTK] Portals not importable.

Chip Vanek chip@upcast.com
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 12:57:17 -0700


I can export a full portal and import that whole
portal into another server and everything works.

I can also export a specific folder (like Wizards) from
one portal and import into another portal or even a normal
Zope folder and the items work.



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>Chip Vanek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just as another data point I have not seen the import problem
>> with PTK folders.
>> I develop, test, and share snapshots of my progress across
>> three seperate installs of Zope on NT and see no problem.
>Are you doing this with objects in the prtal, or th eportal itsself?
>> I use 2.1.6 on NT Server & Wks.  My version of the PTK is from
>> the CVS as of 3/20/00.  The CVS as of my last look (3/28/00) has
>> some changes in the reviewr role security process that still do
>> not work so I am not using the latest.
>> Are you seeing the problem in just exporting and then reimporting
>> an initial portal from the portal wizard?
>> Best,
>Any full-portal. I haven't tried (yet), a portal folder (or anything in
>the portal).
>I get it with any portal I export, which reports no errors, btw. I just
>tried a freshly created one in an attempt to narrow down the problem.
>Will try to export/import something form inside a portal ...
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