[Zope-PTK] Documents

Chip Vanek chip@upcast.com
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 13:04:31 -0700


Wizards are the ideal way to allow users to create
document, news items, and links (or any custom items).

The wizard will create the item in the folder that you
start the wizard.  You should define the user experience 
to only give them the option to create items inside there
home folder if that is you portal policy.  So use a URL like:


This will render the index_html file and present all available
wizards to the user.  The result of the wizard will be created 
inside the private are for "username."  They can then 'publish'
the item using the evolving publication process.

Hope this helps some.


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>	Is it possible to create documents outside the portal 
>"root" folder?
>Should I use the wizards?
>	I thank you in advance.
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