[Zope-PTK] PTK Resources

Alexander Limi alexander@limi.net
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 18:41:51 +0200

> >- I want to do a (presumably) very simple thing: I want users with
> >propertysheets. Nothing magic, just your average user with a
> propertysheet
> >attached to him, so I can do things like storing the user's
> birth date as an
> >integer connected to the user, and perform dtml operations based on this
> >number.

> We expect to release a usable LoginManager this
> coming week,
> but it may not have the SheetProvider stuff fully fleshed out.  It will,
> however, have tabs on UserSources and LoginManagers where you can add
> SheetProvider plugins, although there may not be any available to add.

OK. I have quite a high-profile site on my hands, and the number of expected
users on the site will be high. I am definitely interested in being part of
the beta testing, as I _really_ need the code for a basic propertysheet to
be tied to a user. I could have programmed my own solution, but I would like
to be able to take advantage of the extra functionality that the PTK
eventually will offer.

So, how about it? What is the projected time frame for basic functionality
like the one described above? I am prepared to tweak the code if necessary,
and contribute as much time and work as I can to get it ready as soon as

And sorry if I am a bit impatient, our public site will go live in a matter
of weeks, and it would be absolutely brilliant to have this functionality in
place when it does.


Alexander Limi