[Zope-PTK] SQLMember portal error

Ty Sarna tsarna@endicor.com
6 Apr 2000 01:16:59 GMT

In article <38EB7939.333FC3AA@codeit.com>,
Nick Garcia  <ngarcia@codeit.com> wrote:
> PersistentUserSource as an initial base.  So far everything works great,
> although I did have to make a couple of changed to the LoginManager to
> get it to work.

You might want to tell us about such things so that they don't become
unfixed in the next release! :^)

> if anyone's interested in seeing how I've implemented the sqlUserSource,
> let me know.

Yes, I sure am! So far, you're the only other person besides Mike and us
to have written one that I know of, and it would be nice to see.

BTW, the next release will have some incompatible changes that break
existing user sources (and Login Methods, but AFAIK nobody else has
written any new ones yet) because of a new, cleaner registration
mechanism. We hope this will represent the last of the interface
shakeout and things will settle down then. The new PlugIns system is
very cool, though, and I hope people will feel it was worth it :-)