[Zope-PTK] Member name showed up in member roster but cannot link to relevantwebpagewebpage

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 22:30:10 -0600

Troy Tan wrote:
> I am a newbiew trying out the PTK which I am currently trying out
> Zope-PTK.
> I have followed the guide to using the PTK everything works fine except
> that the member's page at the roster.
> This is wat happen:
> I tried joining as a new member called Jack after the portal is created,
> so Jack created a simple webpage and wanted to display it so he list
> himself to the member's roster and the I also have allowed the
> publishing of his webpage.
> His hyperlink showed up at the member's roster alright but when I tried
> to double click it it yield the error saying the URL not found
> Can anyone help me????

This sounds like the annoying Members/username/index_html/index_html

What is the URL? I have found that if it is linking to
Members/username/index_html it will return a not found. Adding a
"/index_html to the end of it yeilds the page.

Mike, any idea when (if) this will be fixed?

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