[Zope-PTK] CVS update - Discussions, permissions fixed, more

Kevin Dangoor kid@kendermedia.com
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 19:39:08 -0400

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From: "Mike Pelletier" <mike@digicool.com>
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Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 6:20 PM
Subject: [Zope-PTK] CVS update - Discussions, permissions fixed, more

>   Two new mix-ins were created.  'Discussable' represents any resource
> which supports replies, and 'DiscussionResponse' represents the
> replies.  'Discussable' has been mixed in with PortalContent, meaning
> that all PTK objects can potentially be the root of a discussion.
> (This can be disallowed on a per-object basis by overriding a method.)
> 'DiscussionResponse' has been mixed with the PTK Document class in a
> new class called 'DiscussionItem'.  This is the class that is
> presently used for replies on the PTK.

This is great, Mike! Out of curiousity, are the DiscussionResponses stored
within the PortalContent object?

Sorry I've been so quiet on here all this time, because I'm really quite
enthusiastic about the PTK. I'm just wearing a couple hats too many at the
moment. Fingers crossed, within the next few days I'll be rolling out some
internal code that I've been working on. Looks like my timing on that will
be perfect, as Topics will be coming along and propertysheet stuff will
start showing up in LoginManager.

>   My next goals are to add Topics to the PTK (for those of you keeping
> score at home, it'll probably get pushed into the weekend) and to get
> rid of the need for PortalFolder.  I'm sure no one will mourn it.