[Zope-PTK] Re: [squishdot] user pages

Kevin Dangoor kid@kendermedia.com
Sat, 8 Apr 2000 09:48:29 -0400


    Mike Pelletier just checked in a new "Discussable" mixin on Thursday.
Here's his note:

    Discussable allows you to attach a discussion to any piece of portal
content, which I think is way cool.

    I've been too busy with other things lately to spend a bunch of time
with PTK. Based on what I've read, post-PTK KMNN will either not exist
(because all the features I want are incorporated into other PTK elements),
or KMNN will be a simple piece of PortalContent that just has a few fields
in addition to the fields that News Item has. Actually, it's quite possible
that the only thing missing from News Item would be the notion of
"importance" to determine ordering of the items.

    Since you should be able to make News Items Discussable, that should
provide a Squishdot-like effect, but there may be other aspects of Squishdot
that I'm not aware of.


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> Hello,
> I am cross posting this question to the Zope-PTK and Squishdot lists,
> because I seem to remember mention of a project to re-implement
> Squishdot and KM|Net News as a single ZDiscussions/PTK product.
> Can anyone confirm or deny this?
> Please reply to only one of the lists, or to me directly. I will
> summarize the replies in another cross-post to both lists.
> Thank you,
> Michael Bernstein.
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> Bryan Fordham wrote:
> >
> > Hello out in squishy-land
> >
> > I (quickly) checked the mailing list archives for info on this and
> > didn't
> > find much.  Simply, what work is being done on implementing users and
> > preferences into squishdot?
> >
> > Seems like starting with something basic -- say, remembering the user's
> > name
> > so it's automatically entered when they post a message -- would be
> > rather
> > simple.  Then build from there
> >
> > Anyone on this?
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