[Zope-PTK] LoginManager release

Phillip J. Eby pje@telecommunity.com
Sat, 08 Apr 2000 08:49:08 -0500

At 07:27 PM 4/6/00 -0500, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>Yep.  It's looking good, although Ty and I both had to raise our Zope
>internals Zen a few levels of mastery to finish the PlugIns framework
>today.  Tomorrow we plan to do cleanup, documentation, testing, and general
>review before release.

Unfortunately, testing uncovered a very nasty bug in GenericUserSource that
had to do with recursion of calls to getRolesForUser under very specific
circumstances, which took up most of our work day figuring out why the
%&$)#&%$ Zope crashed and dumped core every time a freshly logged-in
GUS-based user went to a "manage_workspace" method as the first thing they
did, but if they went anywhere else, everything after that worked.
Including manage_workspace.  It took us hours just to figure out how to
consistently reproduce the problem.

So, no release yet, and we have to do our tests over again because the
changes we made to fix the recursion bug might have had an effect on the
things that already passed testing.  :(