[Zope-PTK] Re: [squishdot] user pages

Michael Bernstein webmaven@lvcm.com
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 15:30:10 +0000

Sounds to me like this calls for a pledge drive.

What was the budget for this project? I'm more than willing to kick in
some $$$.

Michael Bernstein.

Paul Everitt wrote:
> I can both confirm _and_ deny this!  Here's the scoop.  We had a
> prospective gig to do this.  Unfortunately the guy funding it left our
> prospective client in the lurch, so the effort fell apart. :^(
> --Paul
> Michael Bernstein wrote:
> >
> > I am cross posting this question to the Zope-PTK and Squishdot lists,
> > because I seem to remember mention of a project to re-implement
> > Squishdot and KM|Net News as a single ZDiscussions/PTK product.
> >
> > Can anyone confirm or deny this?