[Zope-PTK] Which membership database

Ty Sarna tsarna@endicor.com
11 Apr 2000 01:49:17 GMT

In article <38F25EAB.365A08F6@libc.org>, Bill Anderson  <bill@libc.org> wrote:
> CVS from last thursday loginManager didn't quite work/ it let me create
> the portal, but I can't login to it, or add new members.

Are you running Zope 2.1.6? It broke LoginManager. The next release
(our next release window is Wednesday) fixes the problem.

In the meantime, try adding:

import ZPublisher.BaseRequest
_v__marker__ = ZPublisher.BaseRequest._marker
_LoggingInUser._v__marker__ = _v__marker__

After the bit that creates _LoggingInUser in LoginManager.py