Sam Gendler sgendler@silcom.com
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 16:00:38 -0700

> >
> I'm very interested in your portal site because I am also working on
> an Intranet portal site using ZopePTK.
> I have visited the site and registerd, but any mail is not returned,
> that should contain my password. Is there any problem right now? Or
> am I doing something wrong?

Odds are good that you are sitting behind one of the few SMTP servers
that do not seem to interact well with the custom SMTP code that was
rolled for the sendmail tag before the smtp libraries were written for
python.  Probably, he site managers should apply the mailhost patch that
uses the python library.  It seems much more reliable.  Servers that I
know had problems at one time or another include MS Exchange server, and
whatever AOL was using a few months back.  Just a thought.