[Zope-PTK] Custom Member Info?

Kevin Dangoor kid@kendermedia.com
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 21:09:15 -0400


You'll probably find some talk about this in the PTK archives (look for
LoginManager related messages). From the recent mail, it appears that the
new version of LoginManager (apparently coming in the next couple of days)
has the hooks for propertysheet sources. "Hooks" means that there sheet
sources are not prepackaged... so, some additional coding will be necessary
before you can store a user's properties in ZODB or an SQL DB using
LoginManager. I think people have been able to do so with GUF, but I'm
waiting for LoginManager myself. I'm sure someone (possibly me) will
implement a ZODB propertysheets interface before too long... just depends on
who needs it first, I guess :)


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> I feel like I might not see something that's right in front of my face,
> how do I request and store additional fields of member information beyond
> the necessary handful that appear in "personalize_form" ?
> Or is this more properly addressed after membership is created, outside
> I suppose it could be easily handled elsewhere, but then my information is
> bit segmented.
> I need to ask members for address, city, etc. as well as some demographic
> info.