[Zope-PTK] adding/editing xml documents in the portal

J Webster ctjjw@cityu.edu.hk
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 14:40:38 +0000

I have been working with the portal toolkit and trying to develop a
wizard to permit portal members to add and edit xml documents.
Following on some helpful advice, I have been using file.py and image.py
as models to  create a new class called xmldoc.py.  When I create a new
portal, it shows up along with the others Wizards - so it must be added
to the Zope database.  However, when I try to view the Wizards page
(index.html in the Wizards folder) it is not included - shouldn't it be
if it is already added to the portal?   I wonder if someone can suggest
a solution.
Jonathan Webster
City University of Hong Kong