[Zope-PTK] Adding Portal error... (and user question)

Alexander Schonfeld alex@garage.co.jp
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 17:53:57 +0900


I'm getting some kind of ZCatalog error about not being able to index:
> /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/Products/PTKBase/PortalCatalog.py(14)initialize()
-> self._catalog.addIndex('_allowedRolesAndUsers', 'KeywordIndex')
 10         def initialize(self):
 11             # Reviewing indexes
 12             self._catalog.addIndex('review_state', 'FieldIndex')
 13             self._catalog.addIndex('Date', 'FieldIndex')
 14  ->         self._catalog.addIndex('_allowedRolesAndUsers', 'KeywordIndex')
 15             # Content indexes

The "_allowedRolesAndUsers" causes the error.  This is with new cvs'
under linux.  Is it necessary that this be a private func?

Totally separate question:
	How is User data stored/indexed under zope.org?  Are things like
"names" "emails" etc... properties of the users' folder?  Are they
searchable through the catalog?



Error Type: Invalid Index Name
Error Value: Cannot index fields beginning with "_"
Traceback (innermost last):
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 214, in publish_module
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 179, in publish
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/Zope/__init__.py, line 211, in zpublisher_exception_hook
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 165, in publish
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/ZPublisher/mapply.py, line 160, in mapply
    (Object: Portal_add)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 102, in call_object
    (Object: Portal_add)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 156, in __call__
    (Object: Portal_add)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_String.py, line 502, in __call__
    (Object: Portal_add)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_With.py, line 148, in render
    (Object: Portal.createInObjectManager(REQUEST['id'], REQUEST))
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/Products/PTKDemo/Portal.py, line 80, in install
    (Object: DemoPortalBase)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/Products/PTKBase/PortalCatalog.py, line 14, in initialize
    (Object: ElementWithAttributes)
  File /home/alex/src/Zope2/lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/Catalog.py, line 309, in addIndex
Invalid Index Name: (see above)

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