[Zope-PTK] SV: [Zope-PTK] New news class?

Magnus Heino magnus.heino@rivermen.se
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 16:28:03 +0200

> I Created one I called 'Meeting Announcement'
> I copied Document.py to MeetingAnnouncement.py, copied newsitem.gif to
> meetingannouncement.gif, document.dtml to meetinganouncement.dtml. The I
> modified the dtml, change all references in Document.py  ( NewsItem
> ->MeetingAnnoucement , News Item -> Meeting Announcement, nesitem ->
> meetingannoucement), then created the wizard.

How do I create a Wizard?

I copied the DocumentWizard, and updated its properties, but that didnt
work. :-P