[Zope-PTK] Error type: AttributeError Error value: getPortal

Nick Garcia ngarcia@codeit.com
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 09:08:09 -0700

sareyn@franklincovey.com wrote:
> I have created a portal called admin.  I added a folder "Solaris_links"
> under admin.  In the Solaris folder there
> is an index_html file that contains a bunch of Solaris links.  I then have a
> link on my  main portal page
> -"index_html" that is called Solaris.  This points to the index_html file
> under my Solaris_links folder i.e.
> <a href="/admin/Solaris_links/index_html">Solaris</a><br>

For some reason DTML Documents don't acquire getPortal, change your
Documents to Methods and it will work.

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